What are Lip Comfort Oils and Butters and How Can They Help My Lips


Lip comfort oils and butters are lip therapy treatments that commonly contain high amounts of vegetable butters and nature-derived oils. Some commercial lip treatments can contain artificial flavourings, scents and colours, which allows manufacturers to make flavours such as pomegranate-orange, honey-lemon and strawberry-banana.

However, you can nowadays find top quality lip treatments made with only the finest and most natural plant based active ingredients, giving their lip treatments the best in colours, scents, and flavours.

Better than Using Lip Balms

People who have very dry lips may prefer lip comfort oils over traditional medicated lip balms, due to balms normally containing wax and fatty alcohols as their moisturizing agents, which might not be enough for those with extremely dry or very sensitive lips. Shea butter, as well as vegetable oils, jojoba and hazelnut are often the major ingredients in lip oils and butter.

These lovely soft and smooth ingredients quickly saturate and help to heal dry skin and will help to enhance your lips with lip comfort oil. And not only do they treat your lips, they make them look superb also!


Unlike lip balms, quality lip oils usually come in short tubes and are easily applied with a small sponge like applicator which helps the oil soak into the lips. The applicator applies the oil perfectly and helps to distribute it fully over the lip area. This type of application also helps users to control where the oil goes and how much they apply due to feeling which areas of the lips needs the most moisture.

Superior to Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are basically there to provide an aesthetically pleasing look to someone’s mouth, while a lip oil can provide relief from dry lips and superb looks. Some people even need to wear a lip gloss over balm to disguise the waxy appearance of balm.

More on Lip Care

  • Lips don’t have any melanin, this is the pigment that helps to protect your skin against the sun’s rays, so the lips are particularly susceptible to sunburn.
  • The enzymes in people’s saliva that break down their food do the very same thing to their lips when you lick them, and thus cause them to get dry and cracked.
  • Breathing from your mouth can help to cause your lips to dry out as the air dries lip moisture with each breath you take.
  • Drinking a lot of water every day isn’t only great for your body, it’s also one of the simplest ways of keeping your lips moisturised.
  • Lip comfort oil will assist in easing dry, chapped lips by creating a barrier on top of your lips’ mucus membranes, which then keeps moisture in and the rest of the world out.
  • Lip comfort oil will not only feel great on your lips, but it will make them look absolutely stunning.

And now you know why lip comfort oils are becoming increasingly popular and set to be even more so in the future.

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