Few Factors Mums Should Look For While Buying A Baby Pram or Stroller


If you’re a mum-to-be, you must be worried about how to establish a comfortable environment for your little-one. As he is too small & sensitive to deal with present elements, he needs a great care and comfort as an infant. Also, he misses the calm, comfort and safety of your womb. It is not more than a challenge for him, to adjust in the outer atmosphere.

In your baby’s every growing phase, babies products treat him like a second mum. Yes, you give him love, affection, and warmness but, baby products work as a shield to protect him and help him to grow. In online stores, there is heap of different baby related stuff having different prices, models, and features. Hence, choosing one among so many can make any new parent puzzled.

Hold on for a second!…prams or strollers are playing a major role in helping your baby’s healthy growth. If you want to buy then, visit joolz day pram online and buy a quality baby product. But, before you buy, I would like to guide every mum about the basics of baby pram or stroller. Make it a sensible reading…

Different features to look for when buying a pram or stroller

You’ll have to focus on comfort and safety of your child while selecting any baby essential model. Just pay more & more attention, curiosity to each part of the model.


As it’s a revolving chair so front two wheels can be easily moved. But, you should verify that they can also be locked while travelling or over rough roads. Although, large wheels works well on the stairs. Thus, before purchasing, just check out the wheels and be doubly sure about the services.


Before buying it from the shop, try folding and unfolding it in the shop to see if it is comfortable and easily folded & unfolded or not. Just measure the stroller or pram to make sure it fits into your car without removing the wheels. If your newborn is too little then, make sure the pram you buy is the best for his size or not. For more information on baby products and helpful tips, you can visit https://babybedtimesettlement.com/.


Test brakes by verifying how well brake locks work while you push the handle. Some prams have front brakes, mostly they are handy on a reversible prams or stroller. It means, you can lock them at the back no matter, which way it is facing. Also, you should look for those prams whose brakes can be handled by feet activities.

So that, it can help those who can’t bend down. Well, don’t forget to test whether your feet fit into them or not.

Five-point harness

They are two shoulder straps which include a waist strap and a crotch strap. And one more perk is, it can be adjustable with your baby’s growth. The straps must be easily adjusted and the buckles are easy to use.

More features you should seek for….

  • Rain cover to protect your baby against wet weather
  • Canopy
  • Handles should be adjustable so that using can become more easy for different height people
  • It must have storage space so that your can carry baby’s essentials with you such as, clothes, nappies, food, or rest other things. But, before putting any stuff, be aware of its capacity or weight limit.
  • Don’t forget to check each part with a tug of fingers, so that you will have an idea if they may sharp enough to hurt your baby.

End of the conversation…

Hence, all the above-mentioned are the features that every mum should look for when buying a baby pram or a stroller. If you want your baby to stay safe and happy in your absence then, there is no product better than baby prams. If you haven’t purchased yet, then you should buy after ensuring these factors.

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