5 Amazing Gifts For Tech Gadget Lovers


It doesn’t matter if you’re still focused on holiday shopping or if you’ve moved on to another special occasion. For tech lovers, toys and gadgets are the perfect gift for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – just about anything. So if you’re shopping for an adult with a kid’s heart, these awesome gifts are sure to please on more than one level.

AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition

This is not your standard remote control helicopter. It’s a Quadricopter and it’s an important one. The 2.0 Power edition of this awesome toy has the longest running life we’ve seen yet between charges – a whopping 36 minutes. Yes, you can get something similar at your local box department store but a) they’re cheap, b) the running time is mere minutes, c) they break easily, and d) they’re cheap. Oh, did I say that twice? This gem is a bit expensive, but worth it, at $370.

IOGEAR Mobile Power Station

This is an amazing gift for techies on the run. The power varies, so you can purchase either 2400 mAh, 7000 mAh, or 11000 mAh in you rlithium polymer battery.  It has a series of USB ports you can use to power your Smartphone, tablet, gaming console, or whatever other tech gadget or game you love to carry with you while camping, enjoying a weekend away, or traveling. The average price, on Amazon, is about $50.

Sci-Fi Watches

They look like chain link watches – very sleek and sophisticated – but there’s this little blue glow. Look close and you’ll see the hidden display with the bright blue LED light that shows the date and time. They’re available in black or silver and average around $50.

Smart Phone Microscope for iPhone 4/4S

Forget old-school microscopes, slides, and messy clean-up. This super-cool attachment connects to your iPhone 4 or 4S and lets you take close-up images and video shots with a magnification ranging from 60x to 100x. The microscope has a LED light for optimal viewing. Ok, so you might not be using this to study bacteria, but it’s great for those who need to see close-up electronic components, details for a project, and more. This one retails around $25.

Anki Drive

The Anki car craze is new and it’s amazing. Anki Drive combines remote controlled cars with an iPhone app for complete control. Even the mat the cars race on has a sweet set-up, with a code the underside of the car can read with LED lights. The game uses artificial intelligence to learn about the player, making the game even more fun. The starter kit, with 2 cars and a mat, runs around $200 and you can get extra cars for around $70 each.

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