5 Perfect Shopping Destinations for Sneaker Lovers


Most sneaker lovers grapple with the question of where to find the best shopping destinations to fulfill their dreams. In the event that the above statement applies to you, I am going to provide a list of five destinations which will come in handy just in case you are finding an appropriate shopping destination. The article aims to demonstrate the best shopping destinations for sneakers in various countries.

The Metro Plaza Destination in India

Just in case you are in India, the Metro Plaza is one destination that is ideal for any sneaker lover. Most of the people who have visited the plaza are left with a memorable experience and always come back later for more. The plaza is located in Middleton Row in a town known as Kolkata. The center is located near the Tata Center in Kolkata. The mall is easily accessible since it is surrounded by an international airport and also served by an effective and efficient railway line. The mall consists of various departmental stores within which have a variety of sneakers. The variety of sneakers is what has made the mall prominent in the country. The mall also has a number of brands too. The sneakers available at the mall come in different range of prices which make them affordable to shoppers. India does not have a system similar to ESTA which makes it easier for traveling purchasers.

The premier Green dale mall

Just in case you are in Worcester, USA, the Greendale mall is an ideal place for sneaker lovers. The mall is value oriented and has more than five departmental stores inside. This is done with a view to ensuring that sneaker lovers have a wide range to choose from. The DSW shoe warehouse is prominent with most buyers who frequent the place. This is because it has a variety of sneakers which are available and cheap and discounted prices for most of the times. Moreover, for shoppers who have kids, there is a children center where all the children are taken care of. There is also an ideal place at the subway where you can grab a bite.

The DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

The DSW designer shoe warehouse is another ideal venue for sneaker lovers. The warehouse is located within the Hollywood Galaxy mall in Boulevard, suite 218. The warehouse is prominent with most buyers because it has various name brands available in affordable prices. Further, the sneakers are available in different sizes which ensure that no one is left out. The warehouse is big in size and has a good selection of sneakers. For the wearers of size 7 and 7.5, they come in plenty. The parking at the mall is free for the first sixty minutes which is sufficient for one to have concluded a purchase.

The Union square mall in San Francisco

For those of you who are in San Francisco, the Union square is an ideal place to look for sneakers. The mall is served by cable cars lined up at the place. The mall is reputed in San Francisco as being a major one. The mall has many department stores inside which ensure the buyer has a wide range to choose from. The best time to come at the mall is on Saturday in the evening. This is because there are few shoppers at the warehouse at the time.

The Akira Footwear in Chicago

Chicago is reputed as having some of the best stores dealing in sneakers. One of such store is the Akira footwear. The store has a wide range of merchandise for sneaker shoppers and is always at the top in international trends. Moreover, there are various Akira stores in Chicago. The stores are made in such a way as to reflect the geographic location within which it is located. Thus, before frequenting an Akira store, one is advised to look for one that reflects his style. ESTA is not needed for travelers coming from Canada which makes it easier for them.

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