5 Things a Retail Food Outlet Needs


If you are thinking of moving into the retail food market, you’ll need to be at the very top of your game, and in Australia at the moment, the trend is heavily toward Asian cuisines, which have always been popular down under. That being said, it is possible to make it with something more traditional, as many sandwich bars and hamburger diners have shown, but whatever you choose, here are 5 things you absolutely must have, if you want to be successful.

  1. The Right Location – It goes without saying that your location will determine your business, and by looking at your target groups, it is possible to design the right ambience that will attract people into your establishment. Typically, a mall location or a busy street would be quite costly, but having said that, your competition will also be paying similar rates, and by passing most of the overheads onto the customer, it can be profitable. The average consumer is well aware of how much it costs to lease a top notch retail space, and are prepared to pay the extra.
  1. The Right Menu – Whether it is a walk in diner, or a takeaway, your menu needs to be exciting and already established as being popular among your target group. Of course, you wouldn’t want two Indian restaurants next door to each other, so consider the competition in the near vicinity before deciding on a location. If there are no other establishments offering your cuisine, this is ideal, and by focusing on delivering a unique experience, your business should do well.
  1. The Right Equipment – you cannot expect to recreate a specific Asian taste without the right cooking equipment, and there are online suppliers of Asian appliances, which makes ordering very easy. Large gas burners are always required, as high heat wok cooking is the order of the day, and make sure you have adequate food preparation areas, as Asian food requires a lot of preparation.
  1. Excellent Service – Aside from the food, the service is the only other defining factor, and if both are excellent, the chances of success are very much improved. If it is a takeaway outlet, you need to look at things from a logistical point of view and work out how best to deliver high volumes of packed dishes in short periods of time. Your staff should be friendly and outgoing, and by creating a team spirit and rewarding good performance, your staff will become your biggest asset.
  1. The Right Ambience – Regardless of the type of outlet, the ambience should be a warm and welcoming experience, and with the right furniture and décor, this can easily be achieved. Perhaps some suitable background music, from the country in question, and with your staff traditionally dressed, the customer will really experience the native environment, as well as the food.

The retail food business is certainly not for the beginner, but if you have a sound concept and a great menu, the possibilities are endless.

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