6 Kinds of Heels You Need to Know About


If you’re a woman, and if you are good and serious about fashion, no matter what your height is, you can’t help fancying a pair of high heels. High heels have an ability to give a better shape to legs. If you’re rocking a pair of high heels with your outfit, you’re definitely taking the game to the next level. While there are different types of high heels, women either identify with one in the context of comfort, or try all different kinds. Here’s a list of high heels that you should at least try and see if it works for you!

Stiletto heels

Stiletto heels are for those who won’t budge from standing tallest. These are highest heels and sometimes make it even up to 8 inches. Since your foot practically rests on what seems like a piece of pencil, there’s almost no stability. There’s no doubt you need to practice balancing before you plan to show up wearing these beauties to a party.


Next to stiletto heels, these can be really high too. But unlike stilettos, pumps take the liberty to have broad or narrow heels. So you get to choose what you can handle. These are pretty much something that can never fail. Whether it’s a pair of denims, a short dress, or just anything, you can swear by them.

High heeled boot

Whether it’s a pair of knee length, ankle length, thigh high, or cowboy boots-these are comfortable and trendy. If you live in a cold place, you can totally count on a pair of high heeled boots to give you “the look” along with comfort.

Evening sandals

If you love being suited up, or want to leave a formal statement, you would love a pair of evening sandals. These can be worn to work, formal parties and celebrations, or even with casual clothes. Unlike stilettos or pumps, they aren’t incredibly high. They have medium heels and won’t challenge your comfort.

Kitten heels

If a little bit of heel is what you anticipate when the word “heel” is said, you are kitten heels person. They are something that can be worn by people of any age since their heels aren’t fatally high. So, if you’re planning to get your granny a pair of nice-looking heels, get kitten heels. And if she doesn’t like them that much, you can keep them for yourself!

Wedge heels

If you wonder if a pair of heels offering 100 percent comfort exist, wedge heels! Wedge heels have a distribution of heels throughout the surface. The heels are thick and these heels have sole. Wedge heels offer a lot more arch support. So you get great balance plus you can avoid ankle and foot related problems that are associated with other types of heels.

Before investing in any of these, you have to make sure what your level of comfort is. You need not compromise with your comfort and risk the health of your feet and ankle to look good. Every kind is great in itself and will let you look the best.


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