7 DIY Makeup Bags to Help You Travel Pretty


Chances are you’re not going to bring every single cosmetic you own with you when you travel, which means you can downsize your makeup bag and save room for other things (like that extra pair of shoes!).

Instead of having to add to your travel expenses by buying an entirely new makeup bag, channel your inner DIY’er and conjure up one of these easy alternatives.

1) The Pencil Case

While travel makeup bags can cost you upwards of $100, pencil cases run for as little as a few bucks, making them perfect to take on shorter trips where you won’t require as many cosmetics. You can spruce up the look of your bag by using appliques or sewing on buttons.

2) Mailing Tube

It doesn’t get much easier – or cheaper – than this! A mailing tube is a durable and simple way to tote your makeup, and it’s compact, so it’ll save you some serious space. This DIY option is great if you’re backpacking, since it can slide easily into the cramped quarters of your bag while still protecting your cosmetics. Paint the tube to personalize the look! (You can get a mailing tube at most post offices and/or office supply stores.)

3) Sew Simple!

Have a sewing machine you want to take for a spin? Then thread your bobbin and try out this easy DIY makeup bag. With just a handful of supplies (which you’ll probably have hanging around the house), you can put those scrap pieces of fabric to good use.

4) Bead Done With It!

Use a bead organizer to stash your makeup on trip. This is another durable option for those of us who are frantic (or just careless) packers – and, as with all these DIY options – it’s super affordable. Personalize with stickers and/or designs courtesy of your imagination and permanent marker.

5) Roll it Up

An over-the-door shoe organizer doubles as an amazing travel make-up bag. Available with varying number of pockets, you can choose a bag to suit the length of your trip, and the corresponding amount of necessary cosmetics.

6) Tackle It

A tackle box is a great idea for transporting your makeup, offering up an organized and sturdy option. Tackle boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, so choose one that suits your journey.

7) Re-Purpose the Purse

Most of us have a clutch kicking around, and these puny purses can easily do double duty as a makeup bag. Sure, dump it out and use it to carry your cash when you go out on the town, and then put your cosmetics in it when it’s time to pack again. It saves space, and a whole lot of hassle.

Leaving home doesn’t mean you have to abandon your standards for beauty and self-care. Keep your travels simple and affordable – and keep yourself looking gorgeous – with these insanely easy DIY makeup bag ideas.

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