Avoid Buying Bad Quality Cheap E-Juices With This Helpful Tips



The availability of cheap e-liquid can be found anywhere and its prices are very tempting considering that premium brands of this product have increased their prices in the past years.(by the way, both cheap and premium e-liquid are available at geekayvapes.com) But the question still remains if this juice does any good?

When it comes to the world of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, one of the things you have to worry about, or rather take into consideration, is e-liquid. Also known as e-juice, this is a key component of electronic cigarettes that results in vapor (a smoking equivalent of ‘smoke’).

A lot of electronic cigarette manufacturers sell cartridges and cartomizers already prefilled with the e-juice, but refilling them is more pocket-friendly on your part when they do run dry. But then again, a question arises: how do you decide which e-liquid to buy? Your first option would buy the cheaper ones in order for you not to break your bank but there are hazards that come with cheap e cig juice that you need to learn in order for you to avoid getting harmed.

These are the signs of a bad quality cheap e-juice:

1. Cheap ingredients = bad flavor

Because the industry is minimally regulated, it can be difficult to know what exactly you’re purchasing when you hit that “Order Now” button. While shopping online for e-juice, the temptation may be to settle on whichever costs the least. And this often results in unsuspecting consumers buying juice from non-US manufacturers advertising bargain-basement prices. While the juices from these companies may be inexpensive, they often have a bitter, inconsistent flavor. And why vape at all if it’s going to taste bad and result in an unpleasant experience? Vaping should be fun!

2. Cheap e-juice often Lacks Proper Labeling

Eliquid contains nicotine, a substance that can be potentially dangerous if not consumed correctly. Therefore, it’s important that your e-cigarette products, including e-juice bottles, are labeled properly. Otherwise, they could be mistaken for a beverage. A brand that takes the time and resources to properly label its products is a brand that holds itself accountable. You want to purchase from a company that has high moral and safety standards.

3. Unsanitary Facilities

You wouldn’t eat dinner out of a dirty restaurant or take a pill that was made in a rundown facility, so why would you inhale vapor from fluids created in an unsanitary environment? Because the industry is unregulated, cheap e juices are often made in facilities with few sanitary standards and no accountability. Paying a little extra for your e-juice often means you’re paying for the peace of mind and assurance that your e-juice isn’t being mixed in some random person’s dirty bathtub.

4. Bad customer service

Fly-by-night e-juice companies not only produce lower quality products, but they often make it difficult to get service online or by phone. If you get the wrong flavor or a “bad batch,” good luck trying to get a replacement or other compensation. You may also have questions about standards, quality ingredients or nicotine levels, so it’s important to check that your e-juice provider has a phone number, email address and established business hours before you commit to buying from them.

If the taste, quality and safety standards are important to you, do yourself a favor and research your e-juice manufacturers. Reputable companies are proud of their manufacturing standards and will have nothing to hide. If a company offers little information online about their products or if they seem hesitant to answer questions about their manufacturing process, proceed with.

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