Black Freshwater Pearls – Some Interesting Facts about It


There are so many people who want to understand the difference between various kinds of pearls. A pearl jewelry is known to be a classic and most elegant piece of jewelry one can preserve and it exudes sophistication. Yet with a flotilla of pearls available, it still remains a mystery to many of us.

Black Freshwater Pearls

 Let us focus attention towards Black Freshwater Pearls as they turn out being the most exotic black piece of pearl set to own. They are strikingly regal and are almost found everywhere.

Let Us Know A Few Interesting Facts about Black Freshwater Pearls

 They are attained from mussels just as many of the other pearls are which live in rivers and lakes. Each of the mussels can generate about 50 pearls which are unlike oysters which can only produce about 2 to 3 pearls. But the whole process takes about 5 to 6 years.

Pearls produced through mussels in freshwater turn out being naturally pink, white or peach in color while ones that are a little rare to find are purple and lavender blue in color. Because of the charm and appeal of the black pearls especially, these wonderful creations from mussels at times go through a dye treatment. This is what brings turns it into black color.

Dye Treatment of Black Pearls

 A black pearls dye treatment tends to form a sparkling effect of gorgeous hues of colored light. The black pearls that are cultivated from lake and rivers get very carefully dyed. This way it exudes a bright shimmering glow, and it bounces a black light which has a very rare kind of luster or shine. This dye is permanent and it does not wear off. Pearls that are cultivated and collected through lakes or rivers tend to come with thicker nacre than the pearls that you get from the ocean. This is why they are more durable and lasting. You need not worry at all about these pearls wearing off or getting chipped.

You can easily get hold of good quality black pearls in the market, at cost effective rate. Since the 19th century after the Empress Eugenie of France started to adorn them, they have grown high on demand. Eugenie was quite a fashionista and ruled the world of fashion and since then, dark colored gems came to be known as the hallmark of pride and erudition.


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