Encouraging Creative Development in Children


The raising of children is something that is steeped in thousands of years of tradition. There are many practices and beliefs that date back to the age of ancient Rome and many people do not even know where these beliefs came from. They’re passed down from one parent to the next without much question. However, there is also a robust field of childhood development science. Scientists, psychologists, and therapists of all types are constantly revising and updating their hypotheses. Recently, research has surfaced about how kids learn and the information that it has uncovered has been monumental in the raising of children. The information from this new research has changed the way parents think about buying toys. The apps and video games that are designed for learning are great, but in many ways they pale in comparison to traditional toys.

The Way Kids Learn

A recent study placed cameras on the heads of babies and toddlers to see where their eyes go and what they focus on. It was long assumed that toddlers look at the same things adults look at but from a different perspective. This new research actually uncovered that they do not; they have such a different perspective that they don’t focus on the things adults think they should focus on. Since babies don’t actually understand what they’re looking at in a complex sense, they are not very intrigued by much. That also affects their learning and how they acquire language. It was thought that babies learn language through simple repetition; however, researchers learned that babies learn through repetition of words aligned with objects and their perceived importance to the child. That’s why they so easily learn words such as “bottle” or other words related to feeding. They hear the word and associate it with food. Obviously, food is going to be a serious concern for babies so they learn food and safety words first. This is where toys come in. You can visit the Tiny Tiny Shop Shop website now to see examples of toys that utilise this kind of learning.

The Types of Toys

The types of toys that help kids learn the best are the ones that mimic their real lives and excite their interests. That’s why toys such as play kitchens, play desks, and so on are so popular. They mimic real life and give children the opportunity to focus on the things that interest them. They might begin to associate an actual bottle with the word “bottle” and with feeding. If you have toy bottles, they’ll also be able to reinforce the link between the word and the concrete object. The Tiny Tiny Shop Shop best toddler easel for your kids is a great way to get them involved in many different types of learning.

When you are trying to raise your children to be creative and thoughtful, you need to start early. Starting early means that you can foster creativity that will carry on into their adult lives. The best way to do that is by buying toys that are made with that in mind. They don’t have to be strictly educational in nature, either; children are always learning.

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