Engagement Rings for the Budget Cconscious


The most cherished memories are those that come without a warning. Like in marriage, it’s the wedding proposals and the engagement rings that highlight a couple’s dream wedding. True. The ring symbolizes your love and desire of marriage. But price does not out value the person in front of you. And opting for a budget wise (but elegant) engagement ring is not so bad of an idea, at all!

Looking for the perfect engagement ring that will match your budget may not be that hard as you think.

Here are some tips to assist you in your quest of finding the best designer rings UK.

Try searching in pawnshops

A pawnshop may be the best site to find authentic yet cheap engagement rings. Try going to the nearest pawnshop near your area and look for rings being auctioned. Some Pawnshops display a variety of jewelleries available for auction. If you are lucky enough, you can grab a genuine diamond ring that is cheaper than rings sold in jewellery shops. You can be sure that the jewelleries sold in the pawnshop are real even though the price is ridiculously cheap.

Go to estate sales and garage sales

You can also get exceptional quality of jewelleries being sold in estate sales and garage sales. Because of economic issues, people sell their jewellery collection at a very affordable price. You can purchase the engagement ring 45% lesser than purchasing it on a jewellery shops. So before you go out and purchase the ring in the malls why don’t you look and ask around if there are estate and garage sales happening nearby. Just don’t tell your hubby where’d you got ‘em and how much.

Non Diamond ring

You can reduce your expenses if you select rings that do not have diamonds set on the band. A lot of rings are affordable with semi-precious stones like ruby on it. This is a cheaper alternative for your engagement rings, and you can also use your partner’s birthstone to replace the diamond stone. Don’t worry, it’s never too cheap with love and you always got the perfect alibi – it’s always the thought that counts.

Use silver ring

Another aspect that affects engagement ring’s price is the metal used in the bands. It is certainly more expensive if the band is made up of gold and platinum. Again, you can minimize the expense if you use silver. Silver is a cheaper metal than gold and platinum. If your goal is to grab the cheapest engagement ring out there, then consider choosing silver rings.

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