Figure Flattering Low Back Swimsuits


Low back swimsuits are one of the fastest growing types of swimwear out there. As swimwear design progresses and grows as an industry, it seems that “revealing” is their watchword. So many swimsuits and bikinis want to show off more of your figure and designers are making beautiful swimsuits that allow you to get a much better tan and designs that flatter your figure.

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Low back swimsuits are the epitome of this trend. Like their contemporaries, cut out swimsuits and shaped swimsuits, they attempt to put as much of your skin on show as possible. There are a few reasons for this and they all help to enhance your look and your beach experience.

The first and most obvious is the tan. Your tan is enhanced immensely by this kind of swimwear. By taking the backs of the swimsuit all the way down to your lower back, there is essentially no need to adjust your swimsuit at all to catch the rays of the sun. Of course, it should be mentioned that these swimsuits elevate your risk of getting too much of a good thing, so make sure to keep an eye on how much your back is facing the sky on that sun lounger. Other than that, though, there is no real down side. Instead of having to move your swimsuit around a great deal, just relax and get the best and most consistent tan of your life.

The other main reason is the flattering figure enhancing look it gives you. Revealing clothing is always a wonderful way to catch the eye and if its placed well, it can be the most complimentary thing in your outfit. Or the most complimentary that’s left out of your outfit, that is. Low back swimsuits are especially good at this as they are both impactful and less daring than other swimsuits of this type. What does that mean exactly? Well, they reveal a great deal, but they also take less courage to wear than a swimsuit with a plunging neckline or something with a cut out around the belly area. These kinds of swimsuits are something that you really must be confident wearing, but a lot of people prefer something that is just as flattering without that intensity. A low back swimsuit is great for this, as the curves of your back can be just as complimentary as anything else, giving you the effect you want.

And another remarkable thing about this type of beachwear that often gets left out, but is a pleasant surprise for people who try it on for the first time is movement. It is a pleasure to wear a low back swimsuit because of how easily it moves and how well it lets you turn over on the sun lounger to get an even sun tan and how easily you can slip a kaftan on and off without feeling trapped. And of course, it is so much cooler than a swimsuit that comes right up to your shoulder blades.

The future of great swimwear design lies right here, in beautiful low back swimsuits that flatter your figure and make your time on the beach so much more enjoyable.

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