Giant TV Vs. Projector? Which One Should You Buy


Are you tired of your small TV screen? In the market for something new? What should you buy a big screen TV or a projector? Let’s find out

What is front projection?

A two-piece system, front projection is basically when a projector creates an image and the screen reflects the image.

There are many types of technologies that can be used in the projector making them- DLP, LCOS, LCD, LED projectors.

LCD technology is used in flat screen TVs. The projector price for LCD projector lies somewhere in the low to midrange on the scale.

DLP or Digital Light Processing uses microscopic mirrors to project the image on the screen using a colour wheel inside. These are generally used in movie theatres.

LCOS or liquid crystal on silicon is the integration of DLP with LCD. The contrast ratio on the projector is excellent. The projector price in India is a midrange to high-end of the price spectrum.

LED projector use LEDs to project the image on the screen and have a very long life and are good to use in high use environments.

The pros of having a projector over a giant TV

Size of the screen:

A projector has lenses for zoom and the screen can make any movie come to life. You can have a game night with your friends cheering for your football team or enjoy a family movie without going to the theatre. You can even use a projector to show photos on your friend’s wedding.

Resolution of the screen:

The 4K Ultra HD TVs have got nothing on projectors. The resolution quality of projectors so far more superior despite the large image.

Relaxing to watch:

A small TV can put quite a bit of strain on your eyes. Having a projector is amazing because you have a large viewing screen.

Space saving:

If you mount your projector on the wall or buy small LED projectors you can free up a lot of space that would have been otherwise occupied by a huge TV. Even the projector can go up on the wall or be hidden so that you can trigger it when you need it.

Cons of buying a projector over a giant TV:

Ambient Light:

If there is any ambient light in the room, your viewing experience may not be as good as a TV. Unless you buy a highly reflective screen and are able to control the amount of the light in the room, a giant TV is a better option.

The lamp inside the projector

The lamps need to be replaced every other year so it is a hassle. LED projectors do have a long life due to the LED lamps but the projector price in India may be slightly out of your budget.

Gaming experience:

While playing games on the TV, it is quite natural to move in front of the screen but you can’t do the same with a projector. To get around this you can mount the projector on the wall.

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