How do Surface Disinfectants work?


While they look harmless to the naked eye, surfaces of all kinds are dangerous. Foreign surfaces are huge breeding grounds for germs and viruses. The pandemic has taught us now to be wary of every surface and practise caution before touching any of them. No surface should be trusted and should be cleaned at regular time periods. But how does one go about cleaning every surface and making sure the germs on them are effectively killed?

Surely, one cannot use soap and water on every surface. It requires a lot of hard work and can get very messy very quickly. This is where surface disinfectants in the form of an aerosol-based disinfectant spray or liquid sprays come in handy.

How does a surface disinfectant kill germs?

A surface disinfectant is a chemical mixture of active ingredients and alcohol that is used to kill germs on all kinds of surfaces and keep things sterile and hygienic. Several disinfectants have different ways of killing germs. The main goal here is to break down and destroy the cells of viruses and germs. A surface disinfectant usually targets the protein in germ molecules and breaks them open. This kills the germs and keeps the surface safe to touch. The most common surface disinfectants are alcohol and bleach.

However, surface disinfectants cannot effectively disinfect a dirty surface. Hence, every surface must be rid of dirt and great before disinfection. Some amount of cleaning is required before disinfecting. Only on a visibly clean surface can a surface disinfectant work and produce good results.

How to use a surface disinfectant?

Most surface disinfectants need about 10-15 minutes of time to successfully complete disinfection. Hence it is pertinent to allow your surface disinfection at least 10 minutes or so of dwell time so that your surfaces are sanitized. Secondly, this dwell time is also a good time to wash your hands and keep them away from your eyes. Surface disinfectants are strong products that can cause harm to children, pregnant women, and the elderly. It is also not advised to inhale too much of the product. So, while disinfecting, make sure there is enough ventilation!

Today, surface disinfectants come in a variety of forms. An aerosol-based spray is one of the most popular disinfectant sprays. There are also alcohol wipes that are best when you need disinfection on the go. Another surface disinfectant product is a liquid spray surface disinfectant which not only disinfects but also cleans surfaces.

Being one of the leading brands in the country for antiseptic liquid, Savlon has used its industry experience for 50 years to come out with several surface disinfectant products. Savlon manufacturers aerosol sprays, alcohol wipes and liquid sprays too. Savlon also has a multipurpose liquid cleaner that also cleans floors. Keeping in mind people who lead active lifestyles, Savlon also produces a pocket aerosol spray surface disinfectant so that you never have to touch an unsafe surface.

The most popular product, Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray promises 99.99% germ protection. It guarantees safety against viruses like H1N1, Rotavirus and many other diseases. Additionally, it also has a pleasant fragrance which helps deodorize as well as disinfect every surface. Perfect for both soft and hard surfaces, this surface disinfectant spray will definitely increase the hygiene in your surrounding and keep you safer than ever before!

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