How To Dress Warm This Winter


Dresses are the last thing women consider wearing in the dead of winter. But it can be done and here is how. The best way to wear a dress in winter is to layer it with other clothes and accessories. A leather jacket or blazer is a great way to wear a dress in winter. If a leather jacket is not warm enough for you, pick a cropped pea coat. A Moto jacket is also a good option, especially for a maxi dress.

               If you are wearing a short dress, such as a sundress, add black tights to keep you warm. Round out the outfit with a stylish pair of booties. If you are wearing a long sleeve dress, add a scarf and long boots. You can also layer your dress with a hat, jean jacket and long socks.

A chambray shirtover your dress can be a great look. Add a thick, heavy vest for more warmth. Attractive tights and boots is another great way to wear a dress in winter. On those really cold winter days add a long cardigan, thick scarf, combat boots and knit socks. Thigh high boots are a smart addition to short dresses. A simple cape is also a great accessory to your dress.

 Wear long socks under your boots if you do not like tights.There are plenty of long socks on the market that will serve the exact same purpose as tights. Plus socks are generally much less expensive than tights, especially patterned tights. Layer your dress with suede for a great look and added warmth. Tying a sweater around the waist of your dress is also a good idea.

Wear your summertime dress over a shirt with buttons and long sleeves. Put on a belt to create real shape. Put on a waist high blazer for a more professional look. A bolero is another great short jacket to wear with a dress. You can even wear a strapless dress over a button down shirt and a pair of tights. Want to make the dress look like just a skirt?Wearing a sweater on top is a great new way to wear a dress, even in winter. Another popular look is wearing your dress over a long sleeve turtleneck.

To keep your feet warm, put socks over tights. When picking tights, black is best in the name of warmth. If tights are not your thing, a pair of black pants will keep you just as warm. A faux fur vest can also keep you warm. You can also get faux fur hats, scarves and coats. Sweater dresses are also a great option for dressy winter wear. Pair them with a long coat on those really cold days.

Wearing a dress in the winter is not that hard. You just need to know what to add on in order to stay warm. Layers are your friends when it comes to properly wearing a dress in winter.

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