How to sell things on the Internet?


Everyone has ever faces the problem of getting rid of useless stuff one doesn’t need any more. Earlier you had to resort to an archaic method of word-and-mouth to let people know what you were selling. Luckily, the Internet provides both buyers and sellers with the unique meeting point where they can discuss quality of the goods, prices, conditions, etc. there are plenty of platforms in every country allowing us to sell and buy almost everything ranging from antique ornaments and rare vintage things to the unappreciated skirts from the latest collections of Zara. It is also possible to come across various ads like job search, pets for adoption and other.

Indeed, it’s possible to find everything you want at the best possible price. However, there are certain rules both people who sell something and those who want to buy different stuff on the Internet have to follow.

In this article we will consider the basic rules for the sellers to help them sell their goods at a profit.

1) Photos, photos, photos.
Photos play a very important role in this process. Use the power of photos to the fullest. After all, it is the photo that gives the first impression of your thing. Looking at them, a buyer makes a final decision on whether it is at all necessary to further spend time to consider your proposal. Make sure your photos have good quality. Take photos of different angles, try to show all the small details of the thing for sale. Do not forget that you are the one who chooses which photo will be the main one and it should be placed on the first place. Many platforms give you the opportunity to upload up to five photos of each product. When adding a thing to the classifieds simply drag the best photo to the first place. Choose the most attractive image that would be eye-catching. You have a chance to stand out in the general gallery of other ads.

2) Write the most detailed description
There is a great temptation to limit ourselves to simple and dry language – the size and price in one sentence. It’s not worth it! Make a detailed description. If you were a buyer, what would you like to know about the thing? Add some expressive phrases that would attract attention. Write some words about the origin of the thing, especially if you brought it from abroad or ordered it in a foreign online store.

3) Respond to messages as quickly as possible
A potential buyer is interested in your thing and you receive a message with a question. Try to respond to messages as quickly as possible. When registering with any sales service, carefully indicate your mail and set up appropriate alerts on your mobile phone. The more promptly you respond, the more chances that the buyer does not opt for another thing.

4) Negotiate with buyers
If the customers ask for more information, don’t refuse to provide it. Make additional measurements, upload additional photos if this is requested.
Carefully discuss the terms of payment and delivery. If you live in the same city – offer the meeting place in which the buyer can calmly and carefully consider the thing and try it on if necessary.

5) Be as honest as possible
Every potential thing can meet its buyer, especially at an adequate price, even if this thing has a small defect. Do not try to sell a used thing as new. The new thing is just the one that was tried on in the store or at home and that’s it.

If the thing was worn only a few times and there are no signs of defects on it, then its condition can be described as “ideal”. And if the thing has small defects, you should not think that it will wash with a buyer – you should show the photos of the defect with a close-up. It is especially important when dealing with different vehicles such as bikes for sale or various gadgets, such as cell phones.

An adequate price is also part of your honest attitude to the buyers. Study the price offer in the category of similar things and try to adequately evaluate your offer.

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