Perfect Your Shirt Over T-shirt Look with Indian Terrain


T-shirts are the perfect summer wear, and these are preferred by people of wide age group. They are available in various styles and ranges to cater to everybody’s needs and taste. These are the go to clothes if you are talking about summer but as the slight cooler months approach then these clothes become difficult to don as these do not at all provide safety against the cold. Yet the time is not yet that of the jackets and the sweatshirts. This is the time that requires you to wear multiple layers and these are the layers that protect you from the mild cold in the air. You can buy from Fynd or any such websites as they have a large collection of clothes that should be worn during this time and these websites give you an option which is very common and very stylish that you can try out. They give you options of shirt over t-shirt.

Shirt over the t-shirt is a very stylish option to get you to redefine yourself this coming winter. The advantage of this getup is that it serves many purposes which include it being stylish, it also provides the extra layers that we look out for during these mild cold months and the shirts and the t-shirts both come into use at the same time. The added advantage is that whenever there is a slight increase in the temperature one can just take off the shirt and the dress is still stylish, and the situation is a win-win. The extra shirt over the t-shirt adds on to the warmth that may save you from chill that you can get while being careless during the mild cold season.

Well from the sound of it, it sounds very easy to pair a shirt over a t-shirt but believe me it is not that simple and easy. There are many factors that go into choosing a shirt that can be paired with the t-shirt. First of all one should know that it is not wearing a buttoned up shirt over a t-shirt, its wearing an unbuttoned shirt over your favourite t-shirt. The next thing that one need to cover while pairing the shirt and t-shirt is the size as that matters a lot and it can create the difference whether you look cool or a fool. The very first rule in this context should be to avoid all those shirts which are a right fit on your body regardless of how much good or stylish they may be, because they are already a right fit as per your body and when you add a t-shirt beneath it they look really tight and that is not at all good looking. You should always go for the one which are slightly loose on you so that it ensures that there is pretty space for the t-shirt to coexist.

The next thing that one should consider is the combinations, and by combinations it is not just the colours of the t-shirts and the shirts but the combination of the set with right pair of pants mostly jeans and the combination of the correct design on both the upper layer and the lower one. In context to the pants the shades of blue are the one which can be paired with almost every combination and denim jeans look good. Black jeans are also stylish and is more of a personal taste to go with. In design context choosing striped t-shirts has always been a good choice with a denim shirt and it makes the one wearing them look real classy and modern simultaneously.

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