Rose Candles – Perfect For Any Home


The simple rose motif on a candle is one of the most popular yet understated candle designs at the Creative Candle Company. Don’t be fooled by the name, as each candle can be fully customised in terms of the colour, scent and design, meaning you can get a signature candle that is fits with your colour scheme.

Types of Rose Candles

Not all rose candles are created equal, and the Creative Candle Company has three distinct types to choose from:

• Tower – the tower is the most common design and is a perfectly cylindrical candle measuring 14cm in height. You’ll get around 55 hours worth of burn time from each one, but they also look perfect as decorations unlit. These work best without a glittery cover if you’re planning on using them individually, but together a sparkling effect will look dazzling as the candlelight is reflected from the shimmering surface.

• Balls – the rose balls are immediately recognisable and your family and friends will be impressed with the intricate artwork that creates the feel of real flowers on top of a sphere. They come in large, medium and small varieties which give you 70, 40 and 20 wick hours respectively. However, most people choose to use them in combinations as part of a display.

• Buds – rose bud candles are the smallest on offer and are designed to float in water in place of rose petals. With the lights down low, a bowl full of lit rose bud candles creates the ultimate romantic mood with soft light slowly reflecting on the walls.

Decorating with Rose Candles

Whilst the obvious use for your rose candles is to make your home smell great, the precise geometric designs make them ideal for decorative purposes too. Here are just a couple of suggestions to get your creative juices going:

• Wedding table centrepieces – roses are a very typical flower at most weddings, so it makes sense to use them as centrepieces on the tables. A classic idea is to fill a tall glass vase with rose candle balls, preferably of colours that match the theme of the wedding. You could also borrow the rose buds in a bowl of water idea to make every table at the wedding a romantic one.

• Window sills – the small crisp lines of the roses make them perfect dressings for window sills as the light will catch each and every bump and groove. The warmth from the sun will also cause the candles to slowly release their scent without burning, giving you the best of both worlds.

• Bathroom – finally, a selection of rose towers around the edge of your bathtub creates the ultimate relaxing vibe. You can heighten the peace by choosing calm colours such as peach, pale blue and white, and by selecting the most relaxing scents like jasmine, revival and lemon.

However you choose to use your rose candles, be sure to take full advantage of the customisation options available at the Creative Candle Company to give you the perfect candle combination for your home.

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