Security intercom, czyli bezpieczeństwo i stylowy design


Of course, the home is not just the interior, because a well-planned layout of the space outside is also extremely important. Intercoms are now a standard in both apartments and houses, as they allow residents to talk to visitors before letting them in. They are a kind of security buffer that allows you to identify the person at the door. What are the characteristics of today’s security intercoms?

Camera, RFID reader, Bluetooth – the latest technologies used in intercoms

Today’s world is packed with modern technologies, which we can experience at every step. Each of us has in our pocket a modern computer that 10-20 years ago could only be seen in science-fiction movies. Today, smartphones are an integral part of our everyday lives and we cannot imagine functioning without them. In every industry, the implementation of modern technologies is the only way to adapt, which is why the latest devices are equipped with increasingly innovative functions. It is no different with intercoms, which from simple voice communication devices have turned into equipment capable of transmitting high-quality sound and image. What’s more, some models also have fingerprint readers, RFID readers, or Bluetooth technology, thanks to which their capabilities are even greater. One of the most popular brands of security intercoms is the Czech company 2N. IP security intercoms from 2N have an HD camera which records high definition video and provides sound of the highest quality. In addition, the camera in intercoms from 2N has a Night Vision option, which allows us to observe the entrance at night. Such an innovative device not only increases the level of comfort and convenience, but also effectively increases the level of home securityBluetooth or RFID readers allow unlimited access for all authorized persons, which is why security intercoms are a reliable means of access control.

Why is it worth choosing 2N products?

The 2N brand has over 20 years of experience, which is why it provides devices that are characterized by very high quality. Innovative technologies, very good materials, as well as millions of satisfied customers are the reasons why 2N is becoming increasingly popular on the market.

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