Selecting from the Range of Umbrellas for the Monsoon Days


You will need to use umbrella both for safeguarding skin from the sun and for avoiding getting drenched in the rain. However, for a majority of people an umbrella is more a monsoon accessory, more so for people living in areas that receive huge amounts of rain. In fact, you need to be careful about selecting an umbrella if the area where you live, gets heavy rain fall for several months a year. In areas adjacent to hills, it is not uncommon to rain outside typical monsoon months as well. So, you need to be careful when it comes to selecting umbrellas for monsoon usage.

Different types of umbrella models to use in rain

Below listed are some umbrella types you can use in monsoon days. While buying, think of your priorities.

  1. Colorful umbrella- You will find teenagers, kids and some women using colorful umbrella models for repelling rain. These models are made with canopies having bright colored water repellent fabric. Those meant for kids often have cartoon and animal figures imprinted on the canopy fabric. Girls usually opt for umbrella models with floral prints. Men tend to use single colored or multicolored umbrella units along with classic black ones during monsoon days.
  1. Easy fold umbrella- What can be more annoying than you trying to get the umbrella out of bag and trying to open it and getting half drenched by heavy rain in the process. Sometimes, it is seen on streets in the on monsoon months. To evade getting in this situation, you may invest in an easy fold umbrella for rainy days. When folded, these models can be put into your handbag and so carrying them is also easy.


  • Semi transparent Umbrella- Do you recall the scene from ‘Lost in Translation’ and the scene where Scarlett Johansson is walking the streets on a monsoon day with a white semi transparent umbrella? You can buy such umbrellas too if using stylish accessories even in monsoon time is important for you. You can find umbrellas with canopy made of semi transparent fabric that can safeguard you from rain.


  • Rugged storm ready umbrella- Sometimes, you may have to brave thundershowers and an umbrella with storm resistance will come in handy. You will find models that have strong metal and steel parts and rods to withstand high wind and rain without hassles. Of course, these units will cost you a little more than what you have to pay for regular umbrella units.

Buying from a reliable seller

No matter what type of umbrella you purchase for use in rainy days, buying it from a suitable seller or online store is important. If you prefer buying the model online, do not forget to look for images and product information in the website. Buying the right sized umbrella is also important for monsoon use. If you carry a backpack or side bag most of the times, a larger sized umbrella is better suited for you. You should check for hassle free item replacement policy when buying umbrella online.

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