Shopping for the Fantasy Fan in Your Life


To outsiders, the fantasy subculture can often appear insular and baffling. Fantasy media mainly feature adventures set in imagined worlds with magical and supernatural aspects. As fantasy fandom becomes more mainstream, you may find yourself wanting to buy a gift for a fantasy buff and be clueless on what to get. Fantasy is a broad genre and individual fans can have very particular tastes, but there are some general items you can consider.


The stereotypical “fantasy nerd” is associated with his large collection of merchandise related to his favorite franchise. In reality, the overlap between enthusiast and collector is rather common. Character action figures are readily available for popular franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Figurines and statues of knights or magical creatures (dragons, elves, fairies, etc.) might satisfy the fantasy lover with a more general interest. Equally artistic are fantasy weapons, including swords, daggers and stainless steel throwing knives with fantasy-themed designs. There are specialty retailers of medieval fantasy weaponry who sell pieces of top-notch craftsmanship for surprisingly affordable sums.

Convention Accessories

Conventions are a major facet of fantasy fandom. Events such as the World Fantasy Convention give like-minded fans an opportunity to meet up and show off their common interests, and maybe even meet their favorite authors. There’s a plethora of sci fi and fantasy conventions across the country. Maybe you could buy your own fantasy buff tickets to one near you.

The Sure-Fire Option

For guaranteed success, invite your fantasy-loving friend to find a gift together. If your friend is a cosplayer—someone who attends conventions in costume—you could buy supplies or donate your time to help her design, her next masterpiece. Alternatively, you two could make a trip to the fantasy section of your local bookstore.

You don’t need to be a fantasy expert to get a good gift for a fantasy fan. By keeping an open mind and taking an interest, you may actually end up developing one of your own.

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