Some Cool Ideas About Making Your Child’s Birthday Party Ever Memorable


Deciding on the theme, decor and the style of a 18th birthday party can be a tricky job. They are still your beloved kid but at the same time it is just the entry door to the journey of adulthood and that’s the reason why you should transit to a party which is little more grown up. It has always been easy for you to arrange a kid birthday party because a few child’s birthday party games, a good cake and a few goodie bags were enough for you to arrange such parties but 18th birthday party of your kid is something special as your teen is actually entering into the first stage of adulthood and it is really important to arrange a party to match that.

Now the big question is what kind of party you really want to throw? How would you incorporate the friends of your child into the celebration? What are the things that you need to put into the goodie bag of your 18 years old child? Well, the actual truth is that they really don’t need any kind of goodie bag but if you want to make it look more interesting, you can use a goodie bag and put a $5 iTunes card, Starbucks card or Hershe’s kisses would make an excellent choice.

Now this article tells you about some really interesting ideas to plan a nice 18th birthday party of your child-

A surprise party:

A surprise birthday party is always a fun and relatively an easy option. The actual trick is keeping it surprise. Invite the closest friends of your child and tell them about your surprise plan so that won’t let your child know about it beforehand. It would be a great surprise for your child. Make sure a super delicious birthday  cake is also there when you are going to arrange this party as we all know the fact that any birthday party is not complete if it is not celebrated with a cake. You can simply opt for online cake delivery in Pune or anywhere else.

Hunger Game party:

Just like Harry Potter series, Susanne Collin’s Hunger Game series is a big hit worldwide. It has become so much popular these days that Hollywood celebrities are also throwing Hunger Game parties and with a right planning you can also thrown an exciting Hunger Game party for your child.

Movie night at the outdoor patio:

If you want to give an extra twist to the 18th birthday party of your child, arranging a movie night at the outdoor place of your house could be a great idea. Do some researches about some exciting latest movies and select one that should match up the interests of other people. Make some great snacks and dinner preparation for your guests and serve them on time.

Arrange a great dinner plan:

Whether your child is a big fan of Indian, Chinese or continental, make a gala dinner menu of his/her favorite items and prepare them and serve it with proper decoration and gesture. This will bring  a beaming smile on the face of your child.

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