The Benefits of a Great Ballpoint Pen


There are a number of key benefits associated with the use of a ballpoint pen in lieu of a fountain, fineliner, or rollerball pen. While some prefer fountain pens over other options due to their customisation options and history, ballpoints are the most commonly used and the most convenient of the many options available. These provide many advantages, especially when you consider the fact that you no longer need to bring a small jar of ink wherever you go to keep your pen ready for use.

One of the biggest benefits of using a ballpoint pen is that you never need to worry about unreliable ink, no matter the circumstance or your location. These rarely leak, especially compared to their counterparts, and they will not smear if used too roughly and they dry very quickly. For someone with a busy schedule and much to do, they are the ideal choice due to the fact they can easily be used over and over again in any environment.

No Bleeding

When using a fountain pen, it is possible to accidentally press too hard, especially if you are new to the pen used, and cause too much ink to be released at once. This will cause bleeding to ruin otherwise beautiful paper and handwriting, which will cause you to appear less professional when you need to look your best. However, a ballpoint pen will never bleed through paper, allowing you to write with clean and beautiful lines without worry, although it is still possible to rip the paper.


Fountain pens are unique to the owner and must be broken in, or “worked-in,” before they can be used to their fullest potential. However, ballpoint pens, such as those found at The Pen Warehouse, allow just about anyone to create beautiful and professional handwriting without worrying about the pen misbehaving. Lending a fountain pen to another person could cause the nub to deviate, making it more difficult to use after the experience, but this is not true of ballpoints.

These can be handed back and forth between as many people as is needed, making them ideal for office and educational settings. This is also perfect if you work in an office or hospitality position where pens are needed frequently and by many people over the course of a short period. Having these on hand should allow everyone to see beautiful results when he or she writes without exception.


Ballpoint pens are also easily used by those who are left-handed, which is not all that true of fountain pens. If you have been given the genes of being left-handed, it is likely that you already know how upsetting it can be to end up with a blackened palm from smeared ink. Unlike fountain pens, rollerball, and fineliner pens, ballpoints dry quite quickly and are thus less likely to end up smearing ink across the palm of your hand when writing.

These pens are also cost-effective, allowing you to receive a large number of them for the price of one good-quality fountain pen. This low price will not in any way reduce the quality of the pens, which is a huge benefit for offices and other environments that require frequent pen use.

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