The right shoes for your workout


Salespersons and fashion magazines might lead you to believe that all types of sneakers are suitable for all kinds of workouts. But that’s a misconception, and it is high time that the illusion is cleared once and for all. Different workout regimes demand stretching and exercising of different leg muscles. This leads to different regions of your foot needing varying levels of pressure and support from your shoe. Hence wearing the proper shoes while working out is of utmost importance. Even girls sneakers have this differentiation with respect to the types of workout.

Let’s have a look at some of the suitable types of shoes for your workout sessions: –

  1. Walking Shoes:

This is for those who go for regular brisk walking sessions or walk on the treadmill. Research has proven that while walking, the heel strike is heavy. Walking shoes are designed to provide more support and stiffness at the heels while cushioning the ball of the foot. For power walks, search for more flexible shoes with a higher dose of cushioning for easing both the heels and toes.

  1. Running Shoes:

Running shoes are specifically made to transport the different load on the heels and front of the shoe while running. It provides the desired stability and support to ensure that you don’t have to worry about tripping. Due to everyone’s running style being different, finding the perfect running shoe needs some patience. Measure your gait and try on some shoes before deciding on the perfect pair.

  1. Training Shoes:

As the name suggests, these shoes are worn when you are training in a group fitness class. This sort of training involves jumps, squats, and lunges; specifically, it involves high ground impact activities. This needs even better stability and systematic design than running shoe. These provide moderate cushioning and a wide sole to increase its durability when at the mercy of regular and strong bearing on the ground. These are meant for a more versatile range of activities from tennis courts to gym sessions.

  1. Trail-running Shoes:

Standardrunning shoes provide support to your feet against even road or floor surfaces. But when the terrain is jagged, trail-running shoes are what you need. The extrarubbery sole provides a stronger grip on weeds and rocks. The material is such that you are prevented from slipping on algae patches. These shoes are also designed with waterproof qualities to keep your feet dry during wet spells. Contrary to popular belief, trail shoes are not bulky. If you are regular on the mountains or forests, investing in a trail shoe over a standard running shoe will be far more beneficial for your feet muscles as well as to your pockets.

  1. Casual Sneakers:

These are worn when you are running daily errands like driving or browsing through the supermarket or walking your pet. The design of this shoe is suitable for all such casual affairs. It is common to have one pair of girl sneakers exclusively for the workout method you prefer and have another pair for casual errands.

Next time you go shoe shopping at a shoe sale, make sure you consider your workout requirements and get shoes accordingly.

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