Things to Know in choosing the indoor stationary bike trainer for you


When cycling workouts is not possible because of the weather condition, especially during winter season, the use of stationary bike trainer is one of the best options. This will allow you to stick with your schedule and your goals amidst the outside weather condition. To those who are releasing their stress and frustrations through biking, this is the best form of cycling workout for you since there will be no distractions such as traffic, street lights and other people. This will allow you to focus on distressing and accomplishing the task at hand.

This article aims to provide clear and honest indoor stationary bike trainer reviews. This is intended to guide all the cycling workout fanatics out there who are seeking for help and guidance in choosing which bike trainer to get. So please take note of these choices to have the bike trainer that would fit your taste.

Choosing the Right Trainer for You

A bike trainer is a kind of device which clamps onto your rear axle and presses a resistance roller against the rear tire which allows you to ride in place. Bike trainers come in three categories which may look similar but provides different and exclusive benefits. It should also be noted that these three categories vary in price.

Below are the three categories of bike trainers:

  1. Wind trainer

This wind trainers are less popular in the present times and it is something that the bike trainers of today should be grateful for. The resistance generated from the small fan of this bike trainer is not as loud as the takeoff of a 747 but it is not definitely silent.

  1. Mag Trainer

Mag trainers are a lot efficient compared to the wind trainer category. This is produces less noise than the wind trainer. With all the advantages that it provides, Mag trainer is more expensive than the wind trainer. This trainer is suitable to use especially if you have elders at your home. You can train without worrying that you might disturb the other occupants.

  1. Fluid Trainer

This type of bike trainer provides more advanced features and benefits compared to the first two categories. What needs to be remembered is, as the benefits grow, the same goes to the cost. So remember, if you want to get all the benefits needed to have an efficient training, you should also expect a higher cost.


The best thing about bike trainers is the fact that they can serve its users for years. Thus, it is a good investment. Surely, having your own bike trainer will help you encourage to train more and create a goal for your body. It is because, you can use it anytime of the day and you can decide how long the training would be. One can definitely make use of this device and will definitely prove its worth. One thing that should be considered in taking care of this trainer is to buy a steel skewer so that the rear wheel can allow you to sit securely.


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