Tips About Donating Hair


When hair is very long and the (sometimes difficult) decision is made to get a haircut, a customer may want to consider saving and then donating the locks to a charity or an individual in need. Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to think about donating hair, along with three tips for how to prepare for the process.

1. Research a Reputable Charity

For many men and women, hair is very important. However, not everyone who would like to have a full head of hair has one. This may be due to circumstances like illnesses or various reasons for thinning/balding areas on the scalp, for example. When an individual decides to cut off a significant amount of hair, it may be a wonderful idea to donate it to an organization that assists with providing hair to people who would like to wear it as a wig. Typically, a large amount of hair is needed to be accepted by an organization, and it’s wise to research charities and companies for specific requirements. If a charity is going to be the recipient of the donated locks, it is critical to learn about the organization and its reputation. Giving to a reputable and trustworthy company is reassuring to the donor and a guarantee that the donation will be handled properly.

2. Prepare the Hair

Before contributing hair to a non-profit organization or an individual who needs it, the hair should be healthy. Therefore, regardless of the type of hair someone has, it may be helpful to treat and protect hair with high quality products, such as using an excellent shampoo and utilizing the best heat protectant for relaxed hair, for instance.

3. Prepare for the Change in Appearance

Sometimes, after cutting off a substantial amount of hair, an individual might initially regret the decision and want to have that hair back! Fortunately, it will (usually) grow back with time. Still, it’s important to be prepared for these feelings due to the change in one’s appearance after a drastic haircut. Therefore, take some time to make sure that cutting the hair is truly what is desired. After having a dramatically shorter haircut, it may be very comforting to know that when the hair is donated, it will go to someone who will be grateful for and enjoy the beautiful locks. And happiness is truly a priceless gift to give.

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