Which firmness and density to choose for your mattress


The firm is a decisive factor in choosing the right mattress. A good mattress should keep the body horizontal otherwise the muscles work, and sleep is not restorative. The level of firmness of a mattress varies according to its density. For foam or latex mattresses, the higher the density of the mattress, the stronger the support will be. Regarding spring mattresses, it is the number of springs that induces the degree of firmness. More the soul of the mattress will contain springs, and more the comfort will be firm. Visit this site for Farmhouse Bedding.

Levels of firmness for mattress

For each type of suspension, there are three levels of firmness: soft, firm and very firm. Please note that firmness levels and their naming may differ from one manufacturer to another. For example, the term “balanced” can be used instead of “soft” by some mattress makers. Click here for Farmhouse Bedding.

The firmness of a mattress is chosen according to its morphology (size/weight). The longer the sleeper is tall and stout, the firmer the mattress must be. On the contrary, light people and children need more supportive support.

For couples with opposite morphologies, custom-made mattresses can now meet the needs of both sleepers by combining two different levels of firmness.

Which size to choose for your mattress?

The size of your mattress depends on your size, your situation (alone or in pairs) and the space you have in your room.

A sleeper moves between 30 and 40 times a night. It is, therefore, advisable to choose a bed width sufficient to sleep well.

If you sleep alone, opt for a mattress 20 cm longer than your height, to extend your legs properly and a width of 90 cm or more depending on your preference.

If you sleep in a couple, bedding 160 x 200 will guarantee a better independence of sleeping. With large bedding, the quality of sleep increases and the number of awakenings in the night decreases.

What padding for mattress?

The padding of the mattress determines the comfort of the home. Hospitality is the first sensation you feel when you sleep on your bed. In general, the thicker the padding and the better the mattress is soft and comfortable. A good sleeping reception is essential because it avoids the pressure points responsible for frequent reversals and promotes blood circulation.

The lining can be made of wool, cotton, silk, foam, latex, polyester. If you tend to sweat, choose natural materials.

Depending on the material that makes up the upholstery, the reception can be soft, supple or dynamic. In general, the reception is chosen according to his tastes. Some people prefer a warm welcome and others a very mellow welcome. With age, it is better to opt for a soft comfort rather than a dynamic one.

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