Why Hand Dryers Are Trending


Hand dryers are popular items because they are sanitary and reduce paper waste. They can also be used in various establishments, from motorway service stations to educational institutions. Also, the dryers use a low amount of energy, or about 1.1kW. These kinds of dryers display a high-speed motor and are made to an extremely high specification. Today’s dryers blow air on people’s hands through as many as 11 outlets and offer a quieter operation (around 80dba).

Practical and Affordable

When you consider the smooth and sleek design of this electronic as well as its automatic operation, you can see why businesses and institutions are installing this type of product. The dryers also feature an antibacterial surface, which prevents and stops the spread of unwanted bacteria. Given that the dryers today are lightweight and condensed in size, you cannot help but see the affordability and practicality of installing the appliances.

The Benefits Cannot Be Ignored

Dryers such as Warner Howard hand dryers are reliable because they offer the above-mentioned features and come in a number of finishes for added aesthetics. Customers can choose from white, black, satin chrome, and polished chrome finishes. You can even enjoy a discount if you need to order a bulk of dryers for your facility or company. If you want to reduce paper waste and clean-up and ensure the comfort of your patrons, you don’t have to think too long about getting this type of appliance.

Reducing Overall Expense and Waste

Because public utility restrooms contain viruses and germs, you need to make sure you install hygienic safeguards. By doing so, you can reduce the spread of illness. The dryers are mounted to the wall in restrooms in place of a paper towel dispenser. Life cycle analyses have concluded that energy-efficient hand dryers also use less energy when chosen over paper towel. By replacing paper towels with a hand dryer, you reduce the amount of waste delivered to landfills. This in turn also lowers maintenance and disposal costs.

Working with Budget Constraints

Many innovations, as has been presented herein, have taken place in the hand dryer industry. Not only are the electronics more streamlined, but they are designed to prevent the spread of germs and are energy-efficient as well. Because many places of business work under budget constraints, the use of a hand dryer is recognised as a feasible way to reduce costs and energy use.

An Economical and Healthful Alternative

When you consider the cost of a hand dryer, you have to review the expense with respect to time and monetary costs. On paper, you may believe that a hand dryer is higher than what you may want to pay. However, over the long haul, the savings outweigh the initial outlay.

With hand dryers, you don’t need to keep buying paper towels, and there is no chance of a run-out. Again, this sort of installation reduces the money spent on janitorial services and waste pickup. All in all, a hand dryer is a good deal, both economically and healthwise, for any company or facility.


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