Essential Supplies for the Pub Industry


Pubs and bars are usually very popular, and each has its own clientele and unique ambience, and while there might be a degree of passing trade, most rely heavily on their local customers. On the surface, a busy pub might look well organised and easy to manage, yet once the doors are closed at the end of the day, a hectic schedule begins. The barman would first make a note of drinks that need to be reordered, and he would have an emergency supply of most alcoholic beverages in the cellar, and this stock needs to be replenished on a daily basis.

Catering Equipment

Every pub has a food menu, as eating and drinking go hand in hand, and the kitchen is a vital part of the business and needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. One essential appliance is the ice making machine, and if your bar is situated in Western Australia, there are suppliers of Manitowoc ice machines in Perth, all at affordable prices. Most bar owners would outsource the kitchen maintenance to a third party, and they would service the kitchen during the short time the kitchen is not operational.

Beer Deliveries

Both bottled and draught beers must be in stock, and the manager would be able to accurately predict his requirements, and with adequate stock, reordering would almost be on a daily basis. Some beers obviously sell better than others, but the bar manager would deal with a single supplier for all their beer requirements, which is the ideal way to order.

Bar Essentials

The list of items a bar must have is very long, and generally, all items would be supplied by a single company. Bar towels, ash trays, beer mats and of course, glasses, must all be available, and although many of these items would be given free of charge by various breweries, most of the essential supplies must be purchased in advance. There would typically be deliveries in the early morning, in time for the lunchtime trade, and the rear entrance would be preferred, if there is one.

Cleaning Services

Some people mistakenly think that the pub is a self-cleaning entity, as whenever the doors open, the place is spotless, when in actual fact, the daily clean is quite a task and is usually outsourced to either a cleaning company or perhaps a local woman who comes in every morning . Pub environments take some heavy punishment, and furniture might need repairing or replacing on a regular basis, and often a bar owner would lease the furniture, as this allows for a change when needed without incurring extra costs.

Depending on the scale of the business, fresh food would be delivered daily, and with a large freezer, meats and other perishables would be stored and replenished when necessary. The modern pub manager has all the essential services at their disposal, and with their timely deliveries, the business is ready to handle those peak weekend hours.

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