Factors that you must consider to Pass A Drug Test


Passing a drug test is as tough as quitting from smoking or taking illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine to name a few. But you cannot continue a wrong lifestyle because this may lead you to regret in the future. The use of illegal drugs will not let you forget your problems nor would not give you happiness forever. Most drug users are suffering from depression, while the others are taking it for fun.

There are countries that allow the use of marijuana, but this is not a reason for other nationalities to keep smoking. Weed is the most popular type of illegal drugs used, but what if you need to take a drug test? How can you pass it, if you regularly smoke weed? I suggest you to read from E Live Story about the chances of passing a urine drug test.You will be in a difficultsituation. So, you have to at least know the process that you have to undergo to be prepared for the testing day.

To pass this drug test, you need to have the will and determination to make things easier. You need to set a goal and focus on reaching it. Plan well and get yourself ready to flush away the unwanted substances like THC from your body. You may be eager and determined to do everything just to pass the test. But before starting the cleansing process, you have to know the factors that may affect the result of your drug test.

How you take drugs

One of the most important factors that you need to take note is how you took drugs. This will determine how high you are and how it will last in the body. You may be taking the same stuff just like what others have, but the way or form you take it may differ.

For example, if you consider drugs like marijuana as an edible food, then the time it will take to be digested will be noted. After consuming it, you will have to wait for your digestive system to digest it. After that, the chemical or substance will enter your bloodstream, which will usually take 1 to 2 hours.

Now, if you are going to smoke weed, then it will go through a different process. The substance will have to pass through your lungs. And then, it will proceed to your bloodstream – it is like a road inside your body. It would be very helpful to read more about the bloodstream as well as the circulation system.

The Quantity

The more you take, the more you get high. This is really fun for some drug users. But I guess, some individuals have forgotten that this may put one’s health at risk when overdosed or have smoked too much.

You should know that the more you consume, the longer the negative chemical stays in the body. Therefore, if there is a need to flush the chemicals away or do the test immediately, then you will need more time to prepare for the drug testing.

How long smoking gets you high

It is your responsibility to know how long a substance stays in your body, if you would like to pass a drug test. Let’s say that before taking illegal drugs, you have no intentions of knowing about how high you would be and how long the effect will last.

After a few minutes of smoking weed, you will surely notice its effect.And then, you would surely be at the peak after 30 minutes. By then, there would be psychological as well as physical effects. You will later on be back to normal after 5 hours. But for extreme smokers, expect the effect to even last for 24 hours.

When this chemical compound has reached the bloodstream, it will then break down and form metabolites. There would be about 80 metabolites formed because of the THC.  30% of this metabolites are flushed away by urinating, while 65% through defecating.


Every individual differs when it comes to metabolism. Most overweight people have slower metabolism that is why they have more fat cells. If you weigh more than a normal weight, then you will surely have more storage for chemical substances. This means that the THC will surely enjoy staying in your body. If you need to be on diet, then I suggest you to find out more about metabolism at https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/conditionsandtreatments/metabolism.

That is why when you need to undergo a urine drug test, you have to lose weight. You can do this by working out regularly. Again, do not overdo it. What matters most is for you to burn fats, lose weight and sweat. Since you need to get rid of excess fat, you also need to have a healthy balanced diet. It would be ideal to avoid fatty or oily foods.

THC detectable

A single use of weed would take a maximum of 24 hours to be detected when taking a blood test. While it will take a maximum of 3 days for frequent users. And then, a maximum of 7 days for a regular or daily use.

Now, if you will take a urine test, then it will take you a maximum of 24 hours to be detected. That is if you were a one-time user. A maximum of 7 days for a frequent user and a maximum of 30 days for a heavy smoker.

Effects when High

Being high because of illegal drugs or marijuana will give you different effects. These effects will usually depend on how much and the quality of the drug you took. Basically, you will feel a strong sensation and visual perception.

For some individuals, they may experience a stimulation of their appetite. This is the reason, why some people enjoy smoking weed. There are also those who have enhanced senses of smell and taste as well as intense hearing. You may also experience a different dimension of sound or music. We also have individuals, who are becoming so sensitive when it comes to feeling cold or hot. And then, some people experience diverse visual objects. This must be the reason why they see things differently.

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