Reasons to stay away from contaminated water


One has to drink sufficient amount of water on an everyday basis and this is very much necessary. But again, one has to be sure that they need to drink healthy water. In countries like India, the water that is supplied on a regular basis is thoroughly contaminated and this has happened all because of the increased water pollution in the past few years.

So, when one drinks the tap water directly, then there is a major chance that they will fall ill. Contaminated water when enters the body can give rise to a lot of water borne diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea and many more. That is why; one needs to install a proper water purification system in their home and office space so that they can get to drink clean and healthy water. One can check the aquaguard amc price before buying a water purifying machine.

At present, due to high water pollution the regular tap water is full of chlorine. This is because chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the tap water. This is mainly done because chlorine is apparently successful in removing a lot of micro organisms present in regular water. but again the presence of chlorine in water itself can create a lot of problems like heath issues rectal cancer and bladder cancer. So, the water also needs to be devoid of this chlorine so that the tap water can become safe for human consumption.

There are many people who think that drinking bottled mineral water can be a good idea but then they do not have an idea that in most cases, the bottled waters are the tap waters. On the other hand, the plastic that is used to make plastic bottles have a chemical called BPA or bisphenol A which is a kind of synthetic hormone disruptor. This can lead to a lot of health hazards like prostate cancer, breast cancer, high risk of obesity and weaker immunity system. So, it is actually a bad idea to spend a lot of money after bottled waters and instead of that one can always a water purifier.

Drinking water from a water purifier is a very healthy idea. Tap waters have a lot of contaminants like chlorine, nickel and copper and they are found on high amount in countries like India. A good water purifier can always remove all these bad dissolved particles from the water and leave all the good things behind. So, drinking that water is a very safe idea.

If one has children and old people at home then they must keep water purifier and run that water in the house system. This will help one to stronger the immunity system in the body. When children and old people drink purified water, their immunity system does not get affected and so they stay healthy and safe from unwanted diseases.

One can easily install a machine at home and at their work spaces so that safe water runs everywhere and one can stay a healthy life.

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