How do I Choose the Jewels for my Wedding? 


On your wedding day, almost everything that surrounds the event takes on special importance. From the guests and bridesmaids to the ceremony, the set, the chosen menu for the banquet and, of course, the look of the bride. Absolutely all the details contribute to the final result being as you had dreamed and that may be the reason why you want to have everything under control. However, with this philosophy you run the risk of losing yourself in the insignificant details and obsessing about everything being perfect, when what is really important is the happiness of the couple and the enjoyment of all the attendees. So, more than pay attention to all this care to the millimeter, that floral arrangements look like Pinterest and that catering is up to sophisticated weddings, It would be advisable that you focus on respecting your style, your true desires and what is going to make you remember that day as one of the best in your life. That goes from writing a sincere speech to choosing some accessories that respect your personal style 100%. And it is precisely at this point where the jewels – including earrings, bracelets, pendants and alliances – take on an important role ; because, in spite of not being so protagonists -at least, a priori- like the dress, they are in charge of contributing light to the styling and giving that special touch that only a piece of jewelry can achieve.

That importance of detail, sophistication and elegance in the big day is very present in the collections of Diamond, a US brand of women’s that, in recent years, has become a favorite of brides to world level. One of the characteristics of Diamond – and main reasons for success – is its unique way of making jewels: they design their pieces with a special zirconia cutting technique very similar to that used with diamonds. The result is feminine jewels, fruit of the reinterpretation of timeless classics or the invention of original designs, but with one element in common: a perfection that excites. But, between so many varieties, How to find that unique, special and unique jewel that makes you shine like never before but which, at the same time, seems to be part of your essence? Very simple, you only need to take into account three essential elements to find the perfect jewelry for your wedding day .


One could say that the sophisticated adjective is intrinsic in the meaning of jewel. And it is true that when we imagine the maximum elegance the first thing that comes to mind are diamonds and precious stones starring chains, earrings and rings in gold and other metals. However, it is not the same an alliance that will accompany you for the rest of your life, surrounding your ring finger – this should be classic and versatile, without too much decorum to be able to wear it daily – that the jewels that will crown your bridal look. That is where the true sophistication must be sought, through stones, colors and designs that are capable of capturing the attention of all eyes .


Achieving an elegant, sophisticated and, ultimately, round look is important. But when it comes to buying a gem with so much emotional weight there are many more factors involved, especially if we see it as a long-term investment. Because there is no better way to relive that special day over and over again, being able to recover some of the details that marked and transferred it, all those memories, day by day . That is why it is important, when choosing the pieces that will make up the bridal look, to invest in pieces that, once the wedding is over, we will continue to wear-almost-for life. Obviously, they are not gems to wear on a daily basis -or do you? – But they can be pieces that culminate sophisticated looks even if we do not wear a wedding dress. What else can you ask for a jewel so special that you can take it on important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, parties or weddings of your friends?

Jewelry personal bride’s classic wedding trends

And, finally, the most important factor when choosing any jewel: that reflects the essence, personality, and emotions of the person who carries it. An issue that, if we take it to the nuptial ground, acquires even more relevance. Because although it sounds a cliché, if there is something essential on the day of the wedding is that the bride is herself, without feeling disguised and respecting their style and personality to the maximum. That is why it is important to bet on what really translates the essence of the same, and not to fall before the pressure of the tendencies that, although they tend to mark the majority of collections, in this specific situation it would be convenient to leave them aside. Because choosing a maxipendientes, a pearl choker or a vintage bracelet, for the simple reason that they have triumphed on Pinterest, is meaningless in a day where the personal and intimate should reign over everything. So, simply, areyourself and you will be right.

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