Who Should Wear Medical ID Tags


There are a few different reasons why you should wear medical identification at all times. A medical identification tag is a small piece of metal that is often worn as jewelry. A tag can be worn on a bracelet or a necklace, like a medical id dog tag. Medical response personnel are trained to look around people’s necks and on their wrists in the event of an emergency. However you wear it and whatever type of identification you wear it should be on you at all times if you have a condition that warrants it. If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious chronic medical condition, have severe food and/or drug allergies, take any critical medications or have a mental health issue.

Medical Conditions

There are a number of serious medical conditions that warrant wearing medical identification at all times. Some of those conditions include: epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney disease, hearing impairment, bleeding disorder, asthma, blood clots and vision impairment.

Severe Food or Drug Allergies

If you have severe allergies or anaphylaxis you should wear a medical id dog tag, or any other sort of tag of your choice. Some of the most common allergies include bee stings, peanuts, eggs, latex, dairy, metal, penicillin, shellfish and wheat. Please note that while some people may have sensitivities to wheat other people have Celiac Disease and consuming wheat can cause a life-threatening situation.


You should wear identification if you are taking certain medications. Some of those medications include insulin, blood thinners, an Asthma inhaler and EpiPens.

Mental Health Issues

Most mental health issues don’t warrant needing constant identification, but some do. Those can include Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, schizophrenia and autism.


If you’re someone’s primary caregiver you might want to wear identification so the person you care for won’t be left without necessary care.

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