How to Be a Responsible Concealed Carrier


Choosing to carry a concealed weapon can be a controversial decision, but you can guarantee the safety of yourself and those around you by taking the responsibility of carrying very seriously. There are many precautions you should consider in order to avoid accidents and keep your gun safe.

Get Sufficient Training

Training is the absolute most important step you can take to ensure that you know how to handle your weapon. Some states only require you to undergo a hunter safety course, but that often doesn’t cover guns other than rifles, let alone the safeguards that are necessary when carrying a concealed gun in public. Even if you take a class in concealed carrying, it may not fully prepare you for real-life situations. Try to find thorough training courses and remember that it’s always better to be more knowledgeable about gun safety than not.

Keep Your Gun Concealed

Accidentally exposing or even showing the outline of your weapon can potentially cause a lot of panic in a public place. Whether your weapon is partially exposed or you’re wearing it under a tight piece of clothing, you should layer other items over it to keep it concealed. Always ensure that you have multiple ways to keep your gun secure that work with various clothing items for various occasions. There are many clothing options available on the market, even including concealed carry clothing for runners.

Use the Right Holster

Holsters are important both for keeping your gun concealed and for your own comfort. Poorly constructed holsters may be too stiff and uncomfortable or too loose to hold your gun properly, increasing the risk of printing or dropping and making drawing your weapon difficult. Even a high-quality holster may not be right for you; you simply have to research and try out various styles to find one that feels comfortable, keeps your gun secure and is practical for your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Concealed carrying comes with a lot of responsibility, but you can use these tips to prevent accidents and make safety your top priority.

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