One of the common issues faced by both men and women are mostly hair and skin related. When it comes to hair most of the issues faced by men and women are almost the same such as hair fall, dandruff, lice, greying of hair, etc. As we all already know the nature of the skin and its texture is different for both men and women. But what we all are unaware of is that even the hair and scalp is totally different for both men and women.

As there are a lot of differences between men and women in the aspect of hair and its problems, even the hair care routine and products also vary. For instance, there are special products like sunscreen, hair oil, and dandruff shampoo for mens in India. Also, there are not as many products for men as there are for men.

The major difference between men and women’s hair is that women grow their hair faster than men. One explanation for this difference might be genetics and hereditary. Another explanation could be the hormones. The testosterone which is a male hormone is responsible for the growth of hair in men. This hormone operates in a very strange manner, stimulating hair development in the face and other areas of the body, but inhibiting hair development on the scalp and sometimes causing hair loss owing to hormonal imbalance.

Not only do women develop hair quicker than men, but this hair’s anatomy is distinct. Men’s hair is generally thicker and more resistant to environmental variables while females have thinner hair. In a quicker but not stronger way, women can develop hair.

Another one of the most common causes of hair loss is dandruff. Even dandruff varies from women to men. Women’s scalp has a better protective layer than men. Men’s scalp produces more sebum which acts as a ground for dandruff. For women, losing hair is a very stressful process. Not only for women but even for men hair fall is very embarrassing. Men who start losing hair at a very young age, even fall into depression.

Not only this but most of the current products on the market, particularly when it comes to hair care for females rather than males. This is because women usually have longer hair to attend and because men don’t have to use conditioner for their split ends because they don’t have any.

But things have altered over the last century, and these days, there are many more men’s products on the market. A broad variety of products are available that concentrate on men’s skin and hair care.There are a lot of face creams, face wash, beard oil, hair oil, moisturizer and dandruff shampoo for men in India.Men’s and women’s product range constituents vary in many ways. Moreover, it is unlikely for a women’s product to work on men and the vice versa.So now that you understand the distinction between men’s and women’s hair, it’s better to use the corresponding products.

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