Different Ways to Concealed Carry Your Firearm


There are many ways to concealed carry firearms. Depending on when and where you intend to be doing so, you may not be able to easily use more traditional methods such as waistband holsters. The list below outlines some additional methods for concealed carrying.

Concealed Carry Clothing

If you are looking to concealed carry while out for a jog, you may prefer the subtlety of clothing that provides holsters that are stitched into the fabric. This option is more form-fitting and better hides the presence of firearms when in tighter clothing. Concealed carry clothing is also an excellent option for undercover clothes when working as an armed loss prevention agent or various other positions that require hiding the presence of a firearm while out of uniform.

Belly Band Holster

A belly band holster is an elastic band that fits tightly around the waist region. Belly bands are generally ideal for smaller handguns. Belly band holsters can be preferable when working out as they are able to conceal a firearm even when the individual is wearing shorts and a tank.

Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters can be ideal when wearing pants. As ankle holsters can sometimes bounce around when engaging in athletic activity, stick to low-energy activities when using this form of concealment. Keep in mind that accessing a firearm that is contained in an ankle holster may be slower than other options.

Shoulder Holster

A common sight in many crime-based television shows, shoulder holsters are a popular alternative to waist holsters. Shoulder holsters provide quick and easy access to the firearm. They tend to be more comfortable in comparison to other alternatives. Keep in mind that when using a shoulder holster, you must always wear a jacket to maintain effective concealment.

There are many other holsters available that can be used for both concealed and open carry. Do plenty of research to determine what will fit your needs and firearms the best.

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