How to Be A Responsible Gun Owner



With violence and mass shootings on the rise, the odds of using your weapon for personal protection may be increasing. If you actually found yourself in danger in a public setting would you know what to do? Shooting at a firing range for practice is one thing, but real-life scenarios requiring self-protection are another situation. Here are three things to consider.

Concealed Carry Clothing

Determine whether you are able and want to carry a concealed weapon. If you choose to conceal carry, determine which method is best for you. A concealed shoulder holster can be comfortable and allow for quick access. Both of these conditions are necessary to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis situation.

Gun Safety and Training

Gun owners including law enforcement have been known to have handgun accidents when carrying. Safety and training go a long way toward ensuring your safety and those around you. Aside from storing and cleaning your weapon safely, you can also receive training for improving your aim and shooting under fire. Both in-person and online courses are available.

Medical Training and Support

A lot of time is spent on the preparing and planning for personal protection in the event of an armed threats such as a break-in or active shooter situation. Not as much time is given to the moments immediately after the incident. Knowing what to do after an event can save lives, too. Obtaining a CPR certification and knowing how to interact with emergency personnel can help those impacted by violence in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event.

Owning a firearm is only part of the formula in effectively responding to a life-threatening situation. Ensuring your weapon is in close proximity, that you are trained properly, and you can provide some medical support afterward are all important components of safety, too. There are many resources to aid you in these things. Hopefully, none of these things will ever come into play, but it’s best to have a holistic approach if they ever do.

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