How to buy Cheap Modafinil Online


Modafinil is among the most popular prescription drugs in recent decades although it has a fascinating history. It was formulated in the late 80s in France as a tentative cure for narcolepsy, the FDA approved Modafinil 200 for recommendation use in the year 1998, but the drug did not take grounds in America before the mid-naught. Modafinil is mainly used off the label, and this is what is behind its dazzling success.

Early prominence

Modafinil is very much of better quality than amphetamines and other stimulants; this is because it does not lead to crashing, jitteriness, addiction and a host of other negative effects. The U.S. soldiers that had to go without sleep day in day out when they were combating in Iraq commonly used Modafinil, the story of the medicine reached those at home and this brought about the steady increase in its sales.

No limitations

When the movie titled “limitless” was being produced, Modafinil 200 was no longer a secret that the powerful and rich had. It became very popular all over, the Wall Street and it was believed to have the ability to enhance concentration, mental sharpness, and output. It was tagged a smart medicine because it had the reputation of increasing an aspect or more of cognitive purpose, it became a legend for whoever wanted to be ahead.

Restricting the limitless

Recent broad versions have brought down the price paid for modafinil in recent year, but you should know that modafinil is still a tremendously costly prescription medication. Through a research on online pharmacies, you will discover that the average modafinil 200 price is within the range of $10 and$20 just for a pill! That amount alone can buy about five of Cialis and Viagra pills, this is why majority of the population cannot meet the expense of modafinil, but can meet up with that of adrafinil.


You remember that the development of modafinil in France towards the end of the 1980s was mentioned. What was omitted is that Adrafinil was first developed, and modafinil is the primary metabolite of adrafinil, this is trying to tell you that the two drugs possess nearly similar pharmacological effects. Adrafinil clears the mind, and it does this by causing an improvement in vigilance, alertness, and wakefulness. It can be used to control fatigue, treat mental disorders, and it can even be used for weight loss.


Modafinil buy online is easy and convenient; you can get Provigil online with no prescription although it is not advisable. It is better if you discuss with a doctor first before going ahead to purchase or use it.

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