How To Promote Prom Events And Become The Queen With Gorgeous Prom Dresses by JVN


Prom week is an essential tradition that high schools have kept for ages. If you are in charge of any prom activities you want as many people you can get to go to your event on campus, high attendance means higher student engagements and that leads to higher enrollments. So, you are probably wondering, how do you ensure the highest number of people to attend your activities? The first need you need to do is spread the word, here in JVN we are going to help you promote all the fun activities you have prepared so people can have the most enjoyable time when attending all the prom activities and more importantly, attending the party with one of our prom dresses.

Make Sure To Hang Banners

One of the best ways to start promoting any prom activity is by hanging banners anywhere inside the campus.  It may sound simple, but it is quite useful, make sure you hang creative and unique banners, bug enough so anyone can see them. Also, try to set them in a place that is usually crowded, you can even make a contest with a reward to involve students and that will undoubtedly will spread the word out. The more students get involved in creating the banners will be a huge help and will help you save time and money.

Place Posters And Give Flyers

Posters and flyers are and seem like the past, but it fulfills the goal and delivers a message no matter if they are thrown away. Besides, they are easy to distribute and can be placed anywhere a huge banner can´t.  You can give a set and offer them at the cafeteria, library, parking lot, dorms, fields. All you need to do is make the design plain and simple; the more unique they are, the better. You can also give flyers at other events as you know people will be there already. This way people will get to know you better so when it comes to picking the prom king and queen, you can step on stage looking fabulous after picking among the latest Prom Dresses line by JVN, and snatch that crown.

Make Full Use Of The High school E-mail

High school students in the U.S have their email where they receive all news concerning the classes and activities, channeling your message there is the most effective way to ensure that students are informed about everything that is going to happen before, during and after prom week. Be sure to send a message and deliver reminders as well through Google Calendars setting up the e-mail accounts and it will save you so much time and will remind everyone that is in the listing.

Start Engaging With Social Media

The most popular way you can promote activities right now is through social media. You can spread the word quickly enough if you advertise through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube. Make someone popular talk about the activities, and you will have people attending your events in no time, besides if you create content popular enough you don´t even have to spend that much. You can approach students in many different ways; you have to be creative enough to reach them all. You can even organize a group to go and pick prom dresses with you.

Start Filming The Videos

When you are promoting a big campus event, such as the prom dance or the football game, videos are something you should be playing everywhere on campus and resharing in social media. We all love videos and is a very effective way to capture the alumni´s attention, make sure to focus on videos with emotion as it is prom after all as students will come back home.

Traditional Marketing

A lot of high schools have their tv station, a radio frequency, and a newspaper, especially for students. Yes, that’s right, you need to make use of all three, advertising in all of them will highlight your prom events even more. You maybe will have to pay for space, maybe not but it will be worth it, remember your primary goal is to make people attend to your prom activities.

All these ways of spreading the word in is a fundamental factor in increasing the number of people when it comes to Prom activities in high school. Remember, if you promote it correctly, the attendance is guaranteed.


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