I’ve tried Bio Lab Exotique ‘ YOUTH’ potion


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know skincare is something I am VERY passionate about. Over the last three years, especially, I have cycled through countless products and different skincare routines, trying to find the best products and routine for my skin. Just FYI – I have normal skin (not really dry or oily), but prone to breakouts. Also, I’m 29 years old so I definitely look for anti-ageing benefits in my skincare products! Out of all the products and brands I’ve tried in the last two years…I have finally found the best (and simplest!) skincare routine that has 100% transformed my skin, and I can’t wait to share that routine with y’all for today’s Wellness Wednesday post! I can now go makeup-free and not feel self-conscious about how my skin looks.

I got my hands on Bio Lab Exotique – the new ‘must’ have bio brand that promises visible results within 48h, the brand has just two products – potent oil potions, YOUTH, and ELIXIR. Since I am youth-obsessed I tried ‘YOUTH’ i decided to ‘overdose’ on this mix of argan, marula and avocado oil potion. I thought if i am gonna test it i may as well go all in.

After I woke up I cleansed my face with two drops of the oil, brushed my hair put on some concealer and off I went. All-day my skin looked FAB. Healthy is the word. Glowy. As if I was sun-kissed if you like. After my evening shower, I put 2 drops of the Youth potion and went to bed. I woke up looking airbrushed. That how well my skin was taking the Youth potion. What else would you want from a beauty product? Beautifying results right? Fast. Right? Hydration? Skin elasticity? Healthy looking tone? How about if you could use the same product for your hair as well? As a mask perhaps? As a PRIMER even? What about makeup remover? Yep. You can use the Bio Lab Exotique for all of your beauty needs. I am impressed, serious.   

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