Jeunesse’ Global Anti-Aging Products- An Entire Line for Baby Boomers


Wendy Lewis together with her husband, Randy Ray founded Jeunesse Global drawing upon a distinguished and long history in the network marketing industry. Through two decades of network marketing, their track record of success is remarkable and they now have one of the speediest global expansions in the history of the industry with Jeunesse.

The flagship product is of Jeunesse is Luminesce Serum. According to the company brochure, Luminesce is a cellular rejuvenation serum and the primary anti aging product to fuel your body’s natural ability to replenish collagen, and mend your skin. This is an innovative patent-pending formula developed by Dr Nathan Newman a Beverly Hills Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon. He is a pioneer in using grown-up adipose stem cells for reconstructive cosmetic plastic surgery and also facial plastic surgery. His formula is based on adult adipose stem cells and contains more than 200 major human growth factors. The growth factors can tenderly transform your skin by replenishing natural levels of proteins like elastin and collagen. This makes the skin appear healthier, younger, and more glowing.

There are two other skin care products in the Jeunesse’ Global lineup using this growth medium and they are Luminesce advanced night repair and Luminesce daily moisturizing complex. Luminesce daily moisturizing complex can aid to smooth wrinkles by moisturizing and rehydrates the skin and it also consists over 200 key growth factors to promote your body’s natural processes to produce more elastin and collagen. It also includes a 30 SPF sun screen.

The night cream works while you are asleep when cell repair is most vigorous, by enhancing the physical condition of your skin’s DNA. Luminesce night repair is a prevailing cosmeceutical and is founded on the most advance clinical research obtainable. It is designed to improve definite metabolic pathways involved in the aging process.

Next in the lineup of pioneering products offered by Jeunesse’ Global is Reserve. A resveratrol supplement Reserve is a botanical combination of antioxidants with invigorating powers that supercharges your health and helps in holding up premature aging. Reserve has a distinctive combination of anthocyanins, antioxidants, and fundamental fatty acids, this helps in the battle against free radical injure.

Reserve claims to be 200 times more absorbable than summarized products. There is a substantial body of clinical trials and medical research indication that the most effectual way to defend against free radical damages is to increase the body’s immunity with antioxidants. Reserve is a sweet tasting formula and provides shield daily against free radicals.

The most up-to-date products in the anti aging line up are the DNA repair duo P.M. and A.M., distinctive dietary supplements. In September 2011, the A.M. P.M. supplements were introduced and assist provide all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs, they also contain synergistic mixtures of particular ingredients that help you maintain healthy biorhythms to combat the signs of aging and maintain critical biological processes.

Juenesse Global has a lineup of cutting edge products. If you want to feel and look younger, you can with the Jeunesse Global. You can also make cash with this budding trend of ‘Youthful Aging’.

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