Select The Best Nail Product For Your Nail-Care Regime


Each and every woman deserves to look pretty and for this reason, they get various beauty treatments done. Taking care of their hair, makeup and nails are a common affair. However, when it comes to nail care, many women do not follow the latest trends and make a blunder with the colors and styles. Updating your cosmetics collection each season is a great idea of keeping yourself updated with the current fashion. Having a good or rather amazing range of nail colors, forms a part of this update and upgrade.

If you follow fashion trends online, or read a lot of fashion magazines; you can easily be acquainted with what is in fashion. You can select from the brands mentioned in the magazines, or do an online search for the most sorts after brands, designs and colors. It is not just about following the fashion, but is about striking the perfect balance between old and new. It is known that professional or earthy shades never go out of trend, but this does not stop oneself from wanting to experiment. You can surely put a hint of neon on your nails that is not so bold, but is visible enough.

Jewel tone colors are something that is in demand along with metallic shades that are topped with a coat of glitter that makes it look chic for a party. You can use your own creativity and imagination to create your personal color combination that is classy and chic. If you like the traditional and conventional colors that are never out of trend, you can try the wine, eggplant and oxblood shades. You can also try shades of glittery gray, which makes a bold statement.

Other natural colors such as rust, and earthy shimmers are always part of the chart. In addition, pastel shades are a big no and is now a part of history. What is highly seen worn by vogue girls are the shades of metallic, which makes a huge impact if combined with some creative nail art or designs? A little bit of shine and glitter to these metallic’s are sure to add that extra touch of glamour to your nails. You can simply wear two coats of metallic and top coat of glitter paint or glitter dust. Other than the usual polish, nail products are as well available in gel forms, which provides with added ease of application without a fuss. These nail gel colors are easy to apply and last longer along with giving a great end finish. The gel is not just long lasting but is also extremely smooth and do not face discoloration after a particular period.

This winter season, you may try something with luminous pink, yellow and green. Even though these colors, sound too bold and bright, but are certainly in for the season. On the other hand, if you prefer darker shades, pick something from luminous coral or violet, whatever that catches the eyes from across the room. Simply match them with your clothes and you are good to go.

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