Special Shopping Deals to Stay within Budget!


Holidays, spent within the city or outside the city, it has to be hassle free to enjoy, making unforgettable! Most people have great ideas to make it a memorable experience but they are not able to arrange trips within their budgets. Because of this, they end up going nowhere! Dubai is one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world. It is economical, easily accessible and full of enthralling activities thus, attracts tourists from all around the world. If you are looking forward to spend your holidays or vacations in Dubai, all you need is to consult a well-reputed travel agent or search online for best deals in UAE. If you are worried to cover your trips within a limited budget, it is best advised to look for discount deals orholiday deals to Dubai. These holiday deals offer you stays, breakfast, transportation and sometimes a proper guide to take you around the city. The best part is that these guides are professionals and have deep knowledge of routes, attractions and activities that you probably have not heard before because it is quite frustrating when you are unable to reach the desired attraction, unable to negotiate rates. In short, you travel around and enjoy your trip comfortably.

If you are not interested to choose a complete deal and you have other opportunities to avail without a guide, you might look for Dubai hotel deals. With this, you only get accommodations at much discounted rates. Sometimes, free pick and drop to airport is complementary.  Some of the best advises are given below to help you manage within your budget:

Travel on Foot:

Once you are in UAE, you will be free to look around but traveling on taxis or renting out a car will cost far more therefore it is best advised to prefer traveling on foot. There is a metro option but it has some specific routes, but it could be helpful if you are trying to reach long distance destinations. You will be able to stop at different points to shop, eat or relax. There would be no time limit, no extra waiting charges or no mediator to interfere in your personal honeymoon or family trip.

Choose Hotels that are Away from Main Central City:

Usually the cost per night in hotels located at the center of the city is much higher because of its ideal proximity to various nearby attractions. Or you could opt to choose three or two star hotel instead of four to five star hotel. One of the main reasons to go for cheap hotel is that you are out for all day long. Paying extra for just spending nights is not feasible for budget travelers.

Choose takeaways rather than dine-outs:

Dubai is a place where you would find multi-cultural people, food, dresses and other things from different backgrounds. From elite dine out places to casual hangout cafes, you will find a wide array of choices to choose from. It is best to avoid formal dine outs, as they are normally expensive and you need to leave serving tips after you are done. Shawarma is one of the most popular and cheap food that you find everywhere in UAE.

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