What Are Some Unusual Flavours For E-Cigarette Vaping


When you are using an electronic cigarette, you want to have the most pleasurable experience possible. The flavour of the vapour is just as important as the mist that you are breathing in as you are smoking.

You will be familiar with the most popular e-cigarette vapour flavours. Many people choose to have fruit-flavoured e-cigarette liquid such as strawberry, apple and peach. These flavours are extremely pleasant, and you will get hours of enjoyment from each one. However, you might feel that these flavours are a little bit too predictable and you want to try something a little bit different.

There are lots of less-common flavours for you to try and you will have a lot of fun finding out which flavours suit you the most. What are some unusual flavours for e-cigarette vaping?

Bacon Flavour E-Cigarette Liquid

Waking up in the morning with an empty stomach is something that happens to everyone. You might want to quell that hunger with some bacon and eggs. Once your breakfast has finished, you may want to have yet more bacon, but your stomach could be completely full.

Don’t feel that you have to overfeed yourself when this happens. Instead, you can buy e cigarettes online and fill them with some bacon-flavoured cigarette liquid. Then you will be able to enjoy the smoky and rich taste of bacon with every breath that you are taking. This kind of flavour is something that you will want to wake up to every single morning.

Beer Flavour E-Cigarette Liquid

When you are cutting down on cigarettes, you might decide that you want to cut down on beer. After all, many people find that they tend to smoke more when they are drinking at the same time.

There is a novel way to make sure that you can reduce your smoking and alcohol consumption at the same time. You should think about buying some beer-flavoured cigarette liquid.

Then you can enjoy the taste of the alcoholic beverage without worrying that you are going to become drunk or you are going to have a hangover the next day. Some enterprising companies are releasing different flavours of beer vapour, so you can choose between light beer and a dark stout.

Butter Flavour E-Cigarette Liquid

Some people find the creamy and salty taste of butter irresistible. You can enjoy this comforting and delicious taste every time you take a drag on your e-cigarette. This is because you can now get butter-flavoured e-cigarette liquid online.

Roast Beef E-Cigarette Liquid

The taste of roast beef is something that a lot of people crave, and you will be happy to know that it is possible to get this flavour for your e-cigarette. You will feel like you are sitting down for dinner with your family, every time that you take a drag.

There are lots of different vapour flavours to choose from. You should select several so that you can alternate and never get bored.




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